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LIN Flat Integral Dripline

Multi-Purpose Integral Dripline

Versatile,Seasonal or Multi-Seasonal use, according to dripline specifications

Compact Cylindrical Integral Dripline

Multi-Purpose Integral Dripline

Cylinder Dipper Advantages, at an Economical cost

Online Dippers

Non-Drain Option

Non Drain system: The dripline remains full of water during irrigation intervals,ensuring immediate and uniform irrigation along the dripline.


Skipper Metzer India LLP is an Indo-Israeli joint venture between M/s Skipper Limited, India and M/s Metzer, Israel, to foray into Micro Irrigation market in India with an objective to become a key player and bring in new technologies in the growing irrigation market to help farmers. Skipper Metzer Head Office and production facilities with state of the art “Israeli Technologies” are located in Hyderabad. Skipper Metzer is led by experienced team members with more than two and half decades of experience in Micro Irrigation...

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